Counter Narcotics and Terrorism Operational Medical Support

EMT-Tactical (EMT-T) Course

EMT-T Course Dates

EMT-Tactical (EMT-T) Course

Course Name Date of Course Course Location Registration Type
CONTOMS EMT-Tactical Basic Course #135 7 Jun 2021 to 11 Jun 2021 Arlington, VA Open Registration
CONTOMS EMT-Tactical Basic Course - #136 18 Oct 2021 to 22 Oct 2021 Gilbert, Arizona Open Registration
CONTOMS EMT-Tactical Basic Course #137 6 Dec 2021 to 10 Dec 2021 West Palm Beach, Florida Open Registration


June 7 - 11, 2021 - Arlington, Virgina - Registration is closed for this course.

October 18 - 22, 2021 - Gilbert, AZ - Apply here

December 6 -10, 2021- West Palm Beach, Florida - Apply here

Course Application Policies and Procedures

Please read all information below prior to completing the online application form.

Online applications will be posted once available.

The CONTOMS Program strives to ensure that each student is provided with the proper student to faculty ratio to maximize the learning benefit.  In order to maximize this benefit, the EMT-T class will typically be limited to forty (40) students maximum.

The EMT-T Class is scheduled for a 56 hour training evolution in which a course schedule is proffered for planning purposes.  This curriculum is flexible and may extend beyond those hours listed to accommodate student learning needs.   

Accepted Applicants will be required to provide proof of your COVID-19 Vaccination upon arrival at the course. Only those having been fully vaccinated will be allowed to attend.

Tuition: $890.00 Payment is required within 14 days of acceptance or one week prior to course start date.

Letter of Affiliation: Applicants must submit a signed and authorized letter of affiliation from their sponsoring agency on agency letterhead stating that the applicant works with the agency and has a legitimate need for this training based on that work. The letter of affiliation must be uploaded at the time of application.

Incomplete Applications: Applications for this course will not be considered complete without submission of this letter. You may save your incomplete application for later completion for 7 days. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Lodging: You will be responsible for your own lodging expenses. Once your application has been accepted we will send you lodging options. Please do not make your reservation until you have received your notice of acceptance.

Refund Policy: Admission to this school is competitive. Cancellations and refund requests must be received within seven (7) days of notification of acceptance. Cancellations received after this deadline will not qualify for a refund.

Questions regarding your application please contact Carly Spiewak at CHEP Inc. by email:

Student Selection:

Due to the competitive nature of admission to this school, submission of all application materials does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Students who meet submission criteria and who are selected for seating in the school will be notified of acceptance directly by email.

Additional Requirements:

Please be aware on the first day of class during registration all participants will be required onsite to provide personal information (e.g. full name, DOB, SSN) necessary for a criminal background check.

**The collected information will be destroyed at the conclusion of the background checks. This requirement is necessary to ensure a safe training environment for all participants and to protect the integrity of the course.

Interested in hosting a CONTOMS EMT-T Provider Course?

Email Ricky Thomas at